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Our Team


CMV Financial Corp has a structure which is specifically designed to support clients in achieving their goals. This structure is combined with a set of processes to ensure that:

  • Existing clients are serviced appropriately

  • Client referrals are pursued respectfully, and in a timely fashion

  • The supply of product meets the investor demand

  • As agreed, we involve other Financial Services experts such as Legal and Accounting professionals in order to assist you with the process

Charles Vander Griendt

President and CEO, CMV Financial Corp

and Trinity Financial Consulting Inc


Dealing Representative


I have been in the Financial Services business for more than 40 years. 


We have assisted our clients with: 

  • The payout of claims on Life Insurance in excess of $1 million, and for amounts as small as $5000,

  • The payout of claims on both Critical Illness and Disability Insurance – ‘Living Benefits’,

  • Determining cash flow requirements during retirement,

  • Income splitting options, and with recommendations on Corporate vs Personal Investments and Insurance,

  • Cash flow requirements for their children's’ educational requirements mainly through the use of RESPs


We are involved, with many clients and friends in initiatives such as Feeding the Homeless every Wednesday evenings in downtown Calgary, and we invite your enquiries in that regard (in addition to enquiries on the Financial Services we offer).

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