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OmniArch Bond - FULLY FUNDED

April 30, 2015

OmniArch was one of our top performing Fixed Income Offerings - a Bond with a Five Year Term, with monthly cash flow paid at an annual rate of 10%; or annual cash flow paid every April at a rate of ~10.5%. A Five Year Compounding option was also available, for a return of ~10.75%.


These Bonds had a fixed face amount, and they do not fluctuate in value - unlike publicly traded bonds. OmniArch has made all interest payments on time without fail, and any investors who have required their principal back during the term have been repaid.

Pacific Landing - FULLY FUNDED

March 30, 2015

Victoria real estate has taken off (as predicted). Residential sales in Victoria for the month of February were up 31% over the same month in the previous year and 54% up on January.  


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